Picked up new domain name


I was kicking the idea around before, but finally decided to get my: www.paulciura.photography domain name from GoDaddy.  Too bad I didn’t get this domain name when I was setting up my current site.  Maybe down the road I will...


My DIY Steampunk Props

Steampunk Top Hat

When I decided to do a Steampunk shoot with my wife, I started to do a little research on the genre.  I quickly realized that you can get carried away and go overboard on this subject.  There are some really amazing...


Steampunk Flendy


Finally got inspired a little to get another image composite done.  This is from my series that I shot a few months back with my wife Flendy.  Background for this photo was shot at the Heritage Village in the Pinellas...


Sun Rays at Howard Park Beach


While at the beach a storm came through.  Then the sun and it’s rays appeared when the clouds cleared a bit.  I ran to the car to get the camera and tripod.  This is what came out.


My Favorite Addition To My 5DMK II – Magic Lantern

Been using the software for about a year now.  It is literally the best thing invented since sliced bread.  It pretty much replaced my need for any type of remote shutter release, intervalometer, or the Promote remote that was thinking...